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Here at Plastering Colchester, we offer high-quality plastering services to make your walls and ceilings perfectly smooth. Whether you need to repair some damage to a wall, fill in a crack, or simply give your home a fresh feel, our professional services always deliver exceptional results. 

When you choose us, you choose our years of experience, refined skills, and unwavering reliability. We can promise you’ll be delighted with the results!

Do You Need Plasterers In Colchester?

Homes don’t stay perfect forever, and you might find you need the services of a professional plastering service from time to time. Our clients come to us with all sorts of plastering needs, and we are able to accommodate them.

Your wall may have sustained a crack and requires filling in. Or, you may want to completely remodel your home, and plastering is one of the final touches needed for a smooth and complete finish.

It’s important to go to a professional like us for any of those needs. Plastering is almost an art form, after all – it requires meticulous skill, and that’s something we have built up over the years. 

Our talented plastering contractors will meet your vision and complete your project exactly how you imagined it, leading to a final, finished look you can be proud to call home. Interested in our services? Getting a free quote from local plasterers is refreshingly easy. You just need to call us or complete a contact form.

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Plastering involves covering walls, ceilings, and surfaces with plaster to create a strengthened and uniform finish – our results are always perfectly smooth.


Rendering is like plastering, only it’s for exterior walls – our rendering services will strengthen your building’s exterior while adding visual appeal.


Coving Installation

Our coving installation services add decorative, finished touches to the part where the walls and ceilings join for a better visual appeal.


Silicone rendering is the process of using silicone for rendering services, which is a more breathable, water-repellent material.

The Benefits You Get With Plasterers Colchester

Our mission is to provide outstanding plastering services to all our clients. Here’s what you get when you choose us.

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is endlessly important in the world of plastering, as it ensures a perfectly smooth finish.

Competitive Pricing

Our competitive pricing reflects our dedication to providing outstanding customer care – we believe everyone should be able to benefit from high-quality plastering services.

Free Estimates

We offer 100% free quotes to our prospective clients, so you know the project's full price before going in – we believe in being crystal clear!

Smooth Finish

Thanks to our highly skilled plastering team, every project ends with a perfectly smooth finish – perfect for painting onto.

Fully Insured

Being insured means that any potential damages (such as a flood or storm) during the project are financially covered.

We Clean Up!

We aim for a clean and tidy process while completing projects and clean up everything at the end so you don't have to lift a finger.

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When it comes to Colchester plastering, we ensure every project, whether small or large, gets completed to absolute perfection. To make the most of our services, click the call button now and receive a free estimate. Don’t delay it!

FAQ Section

How Much Do Plasterers Charge Per Day?

The average cost of a plasterer in the UK is a £100-250 day charge on top of £6-10 per square meter of ceiling/wall. Of course, this depends on the plastering company. 

You can expect a higher-quality service from plasterers that charge more, so sometimes it’s worth going with the slightly more expensive option. The cost will also be higher if the job takes longer to complete.

Inflation has also played a role in the price of plastering, as plasterers have to spend more on their equipment and general upkeep. BCIS has predicted that building costs will rise by over 3% in 2024, which you will likely see reflected in the cost of plastering services.

Can You Repair A Damaged Wall?

Yes, we can repair all sorts of damaged walls with our Colchester plasterers. For cracked walls, the process involves prepping the crack (for example, scoring and removing loose plaster), adding the filler, and then finishing with jointing tape. 

We can sand down the plaster for a damaged plasterboard and then use a thin layer of bonding coat for a smooth finish.

An entire hole in the wall might seem tricky, but we can do that too – the process involves prepping the wall, filling in multiple layers of plaster (letting it dry in between), and then sanding it down at the end.   

Is It Okay To Paint Straight Onto Plaster?

You must wait for the plaster to dry before painting! If you don’t, the paint won’t stick properly, and you’ll end up with a messy finish. How long it takes to dry depends on the plaster – a brand-new, fully plastered wall can take up to six weeks (this is very unlikely), as most plaster takes as little as three to five days. 

You can tell when the plaster has dried by its pale pink appearance and absence of brown spots. Also, there are some simple ways to speed up the drying time for example. Opening windows and doors improves ventilation and helps the plaster dry out. A plastering company should be able to explain this to you beforehand.

Can You Plaster A Wall Without PVA?

Sometimes, yes. While PVA is often used for adhesion, there are some surfaces that don’t require it, such as plasterboard. Generally, very smooth walls won’t need PVA.