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Looking for top-notch plastering services in Shrub End, Colchester? Look no further! Our skilled team is here to cater to all your plastering Shrub End needs, ensuring impeccable results and a hassle-free experience. Our plastering contractors in Colchester are ready to bring your dreams to reality.

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Whether you’re dealing with repairs, moving into a new home, or renovating, our expert plasterers in Shrub End, Colchester, are ready to assist you.

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Our dedicated team understands the importance of turning your house into a home, and we’re here to make that journey as smooth as possible for you. With years of experience serving the Shrub End community, we take pride in our ability to transform spaces with our top-notch plastering services.

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Plastering involves applying a smooth and durable layer of plaster onto walls, ceilings, or surfaces.


Rendering is the process of applying a protective and decorative coating to exterior walls.


Coving Installation

Coving installation involves adding decorative moulding to the junctions of walls and ceilings.


Silicone rendering utilizes silicone-based materials to provide a durable and water-repellent coating for exterior walls.

The Benefits You Get

Experience the following benefits when you choose our plastering service in Shrub End, Colchester:

Attention To Detail

We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring precision and perfection in every aspect of your project.

Competitive Pricing

Take advantage of our competitive pricing, offering exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Free Estimates

Enjoy the convenience of receiving free quotes from our plastering company, giving you transparency and confidence in your decision-making process.

Smooth Finish

Get a smooth finish that's perfect for painting, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your spaces.

Fully Insured

You can relax knowing that we have full insurance coverage, ensuring your peace of mind and protection throughout the entire project.

We Clean Up!

We prioritize cleanliness and tidiness, ensuring your premises are left immaculate and ready to be enjoyed upon project completion.

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Interesting Fact About Shrub End

Shrub End is surrounded by rich history and beauty.  Just a short distance, you’ll find Abberton Reservoir, which is full of wildlife.  You can also enjoy the iconic Colchester Castle, which houses many interactive exhibits and beautifully landscaped gardens.

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FAQ Section

How Much Do Plasterers Charge Per Day?

Shrub End plastering costs vary depending on factors such as project size, complexity, and materials used. The average cost of local plasterers is about £100-250 per day.  To better understand the costs of a Shrub End plasterer, check this out.

Can You Repair A Damaged Wall?

Yes, damaged walls can be repaired using various techniques tailored to the specific type of damage.  Different types of damage, such as cracked walls, damaged plasterboards, holes, or loose plaster, require specific repair techniques.

Is It Okay To Paint Straight Onto Plaster?

Painting straight onto plaster is not recommended, as the plaster needs time to dry completely before applying paint. Dry plaster will have a uniform colour and a matte finish, indicating that it’s ready for painting. Painting on wet or damp plaster can result in poor adhesion, blistering, or peeling of the paint.

Generally, plaster may take several days to dry fully. To speed up the drying process, ensure adequate ventilation and avoid applying thick layers of plaster. To better understand painting plaster, check this out.

Can You Plaster A Wall Without PVA?

Not all surfaces require PVA. Non-porous surfaces like ceramic tiles or previously painted walls may not need a bonding agent.

It’s essential to follow manufacturer guidelines and consult with a professional plasterer to determine the appropriate surface preparation and bonding agent for your plastering project.